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Screening and assessment process

Services Users:


  • Must first register in-person at HQ in order to access this online patient portal for screening and assessment
  • Must be in Ontario to complete the screening
  • Can only complete the screening if they have been to HQ in the past 12 months
  • Should only complete the screening if they plan to come into the clinic in the next 1-2 days
  • Must attend HQ in person to follow up on services
  • All health data stored on the patient portal is secure and confidential. More information about Ocean’s privacy policy can be found here


HQ will open in Summer 2022.

HQ Patient Portal

HQ uses the Ocean Patient Portal to securely manage client’s confidential electronic medical records (EMRs), health data, and referrals. The digital patient portal allows for easy access to screening and assessment tools, intake forms, and test results for HQ clients. By using the patient portal, HQ aims to streamline the visit process for clients and ensure sex-positive and judgement-free access to health services.

The patient portal is only accessible for existing clients of HQ. To register, clients must go in person to HQ at 790 Bay Street and register via the on-location digital kiosks or tablets. HQ staff will be available to answer any questions or provide support. Clients must have visited HQ in the past 12 months to access the patient portal. Once registered in-person, clients can access the digital patient portal to begin the screening and assessment process to access sexual health and mental health services. Clients can also use the portal to view test results and referral information.


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HQ welcomes all cis guys into guys and all trans and non-binary people, at a time that works for them. HQ is located at 790 Bay Street in Toronto, steps from College Subway Station and walking distance from the University of Toronto campus.