HQ Room Booking
How to book a room
  • Booking can be made during hours, up to one year in advance
  • Request to book within open hours require a minimum of 14 day's notice
  • A valid credit card is required to book a room. Credit cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Complete the room booking form below
If yes, please provide, with your booking request, proof of status (i.e. registered charity or not-for-profit number) or a letter summarizing your organization and why you are a non-profit
Please provide an alternative date and time if your first choice is not available
Additional After-hours attendant fee will apply to all bookings outside regular hours of operations. After hour attendant fee is $30/hr (minimum charge is $60)
If yes, please note that posters, flyers or banners advertising or soliciting attention from the public for your booking are not permitted at HQ
If yes, please note that heating equipment, including kettles, coffee pots and food warmers are not permitted.
If yes, please be aware that noise levels must be kept to a minimum and not cause any disruption in the space.
If yes, please note that you are responsible for completing room set up and take down within the booked times.