Kevin Woodward, MD, FRCP (he| him)

Executive & Medical Director

Dr. Kevin Woodward occupies the distinguished roles of Executive & Medical Director at HQ Toronto, where he orchestrates visionary leadership in healthcare delivery and administration. Simultaneously, he holds the esteemed position of Associate Professor of Medicine within the Division of Infectious Diseases at McMaster University, cementing his status as a luminary in the field.


With an illustrious career spanning decades, Dr. Woodward's professional journey has been characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. His tenure at St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton has been marked by his invaluable contributions to the management of inpatient infectious diseases, coupled with his pioneering clinical endeavors in HIV and sexual health domains.


As a stalwart advocate for public health, Dr. Woodward's involvement in provincial and national projects for HIV prevention and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) underscores his unwavering commitment to combating infectious diseases on a broader scale. His leadership in these initiatives has not only shaped policy landscapes but has also catalyzed transformative change within healthcare systems.


Dr. Woodward's dedication to advancing medical knowledge extends beyond clinical practice, as evidenced by his active engagement in academic pursuits and research endeavors. His scholarly contributions have enriched the collective understanding of infectious diseases, paving the way for novel interventions and treatment modalities.


In his dual capacity as an esteemed educator and clinician, Dr. Woodward imparts invaluable insights to the next generation of healthcare professionals. His mentorship of medical students, residents, and fellows fosters a culture of excellence and compassion, ensuring a legacy of impactful healthcare delivery for years to come.


Driven by a steadfast commitment to improving patient outcomes and public health, Dr. Woodward's leadership at HQ Toronto embodies the ethos of visionary healthcare administration. His unwavering dedication to excellence serves as a beacon of inspiration for healthcare professionals worldwide, shaping the trajectory of infectious disease management and healthcare delivery for generations to come.