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 Project Coordinator: 2STNB Social Health Programs


2Spirit, Trans and Non-Binary Social Support Programs

HQ Toronto provides community and social programming for members of the 2Spirit, Trans and Non Binary communities offered by Delphinium (Delphi) Araya - Project Coordinator: 2STNB Social Health Programs, who identifies as Trans, 2Spirit, Chilean-Canadian woman.


The goal of the programs is to develop social health supports within the 2Spirit, trans and non-binary communities that will fill gaps in services and complement existing programs in the community


2STNB Social Support Programs:

2 Spirit Sharing & Teaching

2 Spirit / Trans* Sharing and Teaching Circle

Join 2 Spirit People of the First Nations for an evening of Sharing and Teachings at HQ catered to Indigenous 2 Spirit / Trans* Community facilitated by Kira Vallen (Walks Alone).

Hope to Healing

Finding Hope

Join us at HQ as we provide a space to support each other through stress and struggle. Every week we will explore new ways to strengthen our selves and our community through all the ups and downs of life. If you are one of us, be with us.


Bees and Things and Flowers

Join us for a different kind of sharing circle, as we explore topics around sex, love , intimacy, body positivity, hormone replacement therapy, trans related surgeries, gender affirming healthcare and HIV/AIDS in a brave new space.

HQ Trans ID Clinic (2)

Trans I.D. Clinic

HQ and Goldhart Kenet LLP are excited to provide a free Trans I.D. clinic. The clinic caters to individuals for whom English is not their first language and to people living with HIV

CSSP Espanol @ HQ

Acompañamiento en Español para navegacion de Servicio de salud sexual y Mental

El Centro para la Gente de Habla Hispana se complace en ofrecer servicios de navegación y promocion de salud en español para la comunidad latinx que acceden a los servicios de HQ Toronto.

Espanol @ HQ

Servicios de salud sexual en Español

También brindamos nuestros Servicios de Salud Sexual en español.