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Mental Health Services

Providing accessible, evidence based and responsive mental health services. HQ, defines mental health broadly. It can include concerns like depression, anxiety, substance use, or the impacts of trauma, while also considering the importance of emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

Accessing Mental Health Help


HQ knows the importance of mental health, and prioritizes mental health care in our programming.


HQ knows how gender identity and sexual orientation can impact mental health, as well as the unique concerns our communities face, like crystal meth use, a recent HIV diagnosis, or impacts of estrangement from the family and communities you grew up with.


HQ uses evidence-based tools and assessments to see what each person looking to access care is experiencing. Using this information, we help you identify a program that is best suited to your needs.

At HQ, we offer group therapies, rapid access to urgent care for people experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, psychiatric consultations, as well as referrals to complimentary programming within the community.


We use a stepped care model – this means that people get matched with the type and intensity of therapy they need.


HQ partners with eight agencies, which fund and support their staff to provide culturally appropriate mental-health services at HQ.

These partners have roots in and deep commitments to serving Indigenous Peoples, specific racialized communities (Asian people, South Asian people, and African, Caribbean and Black people), specific linguistic groups (French and Spanish), people living with and at risk of HIV, and people using substances.


To access mental health services, please come to the clinic to schedule a time with a member of our team.

What kind of services we offer?

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Getting Started

Your HQ mental health journey starts with a self-assessment. Click 'Learn more' below to learn how to get started

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Assessment Services

Learn about  Mental Health Assessment Services which we provide.

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Group Services

Learn about our  Mental Health Group Services which we provide.

What kind of services will HQ offer?

Mental Health Experience and Outcome Measures

Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) are self-reported measurements that you will complete to provide information about your satisfaction with and experience receiving healthcare at HQ. PREMs are focused on your experience of the processes of care.


Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are self-reported measurement tools that you will complete to provide information on your health and how the service has impacted your quality of life.

Get Help Now!

Crisis Support

416.408.4357 or text 741741

2:00 AM- 2:00 PM Daily

Trans Support Services

(For trans and gender non- conforming folks)

Youth Support Services

(For Queer, Trans, Two-Spirit youth under 29)

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