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International student experiences

Canada has a good international reputation on LGBTQ+ issues. However, newcomers still routinely experience sexual, social, and mental health challenges. In the videos below, international students in Ontario share valuable insights and experiences.

International Students Overview

Introducing Fati, Asya, Ali, Gary, Xavier and Vikki, six international students living in Ontario.

Navigating a New Culture / Racism

The students discuss their experiences navigating Canadian culture and confronting racism.

Maintaining connections back home

"No matter how long you have been away from home, you will always get homesick." How can international students explore new experiences while maintaining connections with home?

LGBTQ+ acceptance

"There is a lot of policing in queer spaces about your identity or experiences or how you call yourself." How does Canada's international reputation as an LGTBQ+ haven stack up against the reality?

Emotional support & sexual health

What are the challenges of accessing services in Canada compared to other countries? How can international students find resources and services that meet their needs?

Drug use

Drug culture in Canada and Ontario can be markedly different than what international students are used to. The students reflect on setting boundaries, cannabis legalization, hard drugs, and other topics.

Dating / hook-up culture

For many people in Ontario, dating apps are a reality of social and sexual life. The students talk about polyamory, cissexism, and navigating the age of apps.