Welcome to HQ

HQ Toronto at 790 Bay is a centre of excellence in healthcare by and for the community of cis guys into guys and two-spirit, transgender and non-binary people.


At HQ you can access a range of holistic and culturally relevant health and wellness services under one roof by simply walking in, no appointments needed. We’re affirming, sex-positive, shame-free, and bullying-free. We welcome  cis guys into guys and two-spirit, transgender and non-binary people looking for a safe place to manage their sexual, mental, physical and emotional health.

What kind of services does HQ offer?

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Drop-in, rapid, self-directed sexual health check-ups for cis guys into guys and all trans and non-binary people. Judgment-free and easy.

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We offer a stepped-care approach to matching cis guys into guys and all trans and non-binary people with the intensity of care they need rapidly.

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HQ is a space where people can connect, support one another and enhance their well-being. We strengthen community, foster a sense of belonging, and reduce social isolation and loneliness.

What kind of Sexual Health Services does HQ offer?

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PrEP initiation can be done same day or next day. PrEP follow-ups can be completed through express testing.

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PEP is a combination of preventive medications that can prevent HIV if taken within 72 hours of possible exposure. PEP is most effective if taken within 24 hours.

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Please check our website to find out our most recent stock of vaccines at HQ!

Get involved at HQ!

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Volunteer at HQ may assist with social programming and events, greet and provide support to visitors, and help with administrative tasks.

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Were looking for a diverse group of talented people to help us change the way we look at health for cis guys into guys, two- spirit, transgender and non-binary people in Toronto.

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Support us in building a safe, integrated space for sexual, mental and social health.

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