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Chemsex (PnP) Self-Management Resources

We want to make sure that you have the resources and information to keep yourself and your sex partners safe and healthy, below you will find some resources that may be of help to you.


Supports at HQ

If you are interested in joining a group at HQ to discuss reducing your substance use, changing the patterns of your use, or stopping completely, please ask to speak with a clinician or if you are not at the clinic feel free when you are there next to answer yes to our screening question about receiving substance use help.


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Learn the basics about crystal meth (aka Tina). Learns some tips on: how to use meth safer, sex while on meth, sexual health, how to spot the signs that you may need some help around managing your use, support on reducing your use or changing how you use.

A Guide to Staying Off Crystal for a Day or Longer: Practical Tips from Gay and Bisexual Men

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This practical guide was originally created in Chicago, and added to by gay/bi/queer men in Seattle and Toronto and is maintained by the AIDS Committee of Toronto. It provides strategies for taking some time away from using methamphetamine.


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HarmReductionTO is a resource hub run by Toronto students and community organizers committed to ending the War on Drugs. Get information on resources in Toronto, safer supplies and updates about what is happening in Toronto regarding using substances safely.


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TripSit is a community sourced online harm reduction resource. Find out more about drug combinations and their potential impacts on you. Virtual chat offering community and support.

Safer PnP – From Dusk ’til Dawn

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An information guide developed from input from guys with PnP experience about their harm reduction strategies before, during, and after partying.

Toronto Vibe – Party Safer

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The Toronto Vibe website provides safer drug use information for people partying in Toronto’s gay, bi, queer men’s party scenes, however this information may be useful for everyone.

I Heart Party Pals Facebook Page

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A Facebook community page of queer and trans substance users supporting queer and trans substance users.

Comedown Kit

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A link to Facebook’s Comedown Kit hashtag. A comedown kit is a heath promotion tool for folks who use stimulants, especially guys who PnP.

Comfort Kit

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TOMQ, in Collaboration with ACT, are wishing to give back to gay, bi, queer and trans guys who do sex work, PnP, and those who bridge these communities.


Fill out the online order form below to get your package. TOMQ offers delivery by mail/courier or pick-up in the Downtown Toronto Area. Mail delivery is available for Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.


Each comfort kit includes: handmade custom soap, a grocery gift card, comfort items, resources, gender-affirming gear, as well as items to support in safer using and engaging in sex work.

Drug Checking

These services can be used to determine whether drug samples contain the substance an individual wants to use, determine the purity level of a substance, identify toxic contaminants and unexpected substances, and track drug use patterns


You can now get your drugs checked at one of three supervised injection sites in Toronto:

  • Parkdale Queen West CHC, 168 Bathurst St.
  • South Riverdale CHC , 955 Queen St. E.
  • Toronto Public Health - The Works, 277 Victoria St.

Nearest Harm Reduction Supply Locations

Click here for a list of all locations in Toronto


Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy (OAHAS)

Suite 201
7 Hayden St., Toronto, ON M4Y 2P2


Yonge St. & Bloor St


Sanctuary Ministries

25 Charles St. E., Toronto, ON M4Y 1R9
Bloor St. & Yonge St.
416-922-0628 ext. 7


Casey House

119 Isabella St., Toronto, ON M4Y 1P2
Jarvis St. & Bloor St.



250 College St., Toronto, ON M5T 1R8
College St. & Spadina Ave.


The Neighbourhood Group (TNG),
St. Stephen's Community House

260 Augusta Ave., Toronto, ON M5T 2L9

416-964-8747 ext.226
Supervised consumption service


The Works

277 Victoria St. (ground floor), Toronto, ON M5B 1W2


Yonge and Dundas

Supervised consumption service


St. Michael's Hospital Emergency Department

30 Bond St., Toronto, ON M5B 1W8


24-hour needle exchange provided

Withdrawal Management

Are you having a bad come down? Do you need some support while you try to stop using a drug?


Contact Central Access 1-866-366-9513 and ask for support connecting to your nearest Withdrawal Management Centre.

Alternatively, consider these locations for help:


CAMH Medical Withdrawal Unit Queen Street Site
40 White Squirrel Way
(call 416-535-8501 press 2)


Withdrawal Management – Residential Glendale House
87 Glendale Ave., Toronto, ON  M6R2S8
(Accessible 24/7)


Toronto East Health Network - Day Wms - Withdrawal Management Centre
985 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON  M4J 1M1 (Contact Central Access 1-866-366-9513)


Unity Health Toronto - Men’s Withdrawal Management Services
135 Sherbourne St., 3rd Fl, Toronto, ON  M5A 2R5


University Health Network - Women's Phase 1 Crisis / Withdrawal - Woman's Own Withdrawal Management Centre
892 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON  M6J 1W1