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Disordered Eating and Body Image Self-Management Resources

We want to make sure that you have the resources and information to support your mental health. Below you will find some resources that may be of help to you.


Supports at HQ

If you are interested in joining a group at HQ to discuss your eating habits or body image, please ask to speak with a clinician. If you are not at the clinic, when you are there next, please answer “yes” to our screening question about receiving mental health support.

Workbook: Building Body Acceptance

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A workbook on body image. This information package is designed to provide  information about body dysmorphic disorder - how it develops, how it is maintained and how to address this problem.

Workbook: Caring Less About Your Looks

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A resource for people struggling with concerns over their appearance. This workbook is designed to help understand the factors that keep you overly focused on your appearance, and introduces strategies to lessen the impact of appearance concerns on your day to day life.

Workbook: Break Free from Eating Disorders

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A resource for disordered eating. This workbook is designed as an active guide to recovering from an eating disorder. It aims to provide you with information about eating disorders and the factors that keep them going, and to teach you strategies to make changes to your behaviour and thinking in order to recover.

Sheena's Place

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Sheena's Place provides resources, information, and group-based support to people aged 17+ affected by an eating disorder or disordered eating. Professionally-facilitated groups are completely free of charge and participants do not require an eating disorder diagnosis or referral to register.

National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)

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On this page, you can use the search function to find online articles, brochures, links to websites, and videos or webinars. Some materials are targeted at professionals, but many are intended for the general public, and a wide range of topics are discussed.

You can contact NEDIC for more information or support at 1-866-NEDIC-20 (416-340-4156 in the GTA) or via instant chat.


Apple App Store

Google Play Store

A mental health app which provides daily exercises to help the user cope with negative thoughts about their body and self. The app is made up of 51 levels (15 free) and expect the user to do 3 levels a day. Each level acts as a game by prompting the user with potential thoughts which they must either accept or reject.

Eat Right Now

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A mindfulness-based app that helps you understand your eating habits and helps you develop healthier ones.

Podcast: Maintenance Phase

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A show that critically analyses "junk science" around health and wellness, specifically around diet, and how anti-fat bias is rampant in North American culture.

Starving for Survival : One Man's Journey With Orthorexia

By Jason Wood

ISBN: 9781737923107

This book explores how healthy eating can go from well-meaning improvements to knocking on death's door. Jason illustrates the damaging physical, mental, and social effects of orthorexia for men who may have been there, or for readers who suspect someone they love is struggling.


Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource by and for Transgender Communities

By Laura Erickson-Schroth

ISBN: 0190092726

A comprehensive, reader-friendly guide for transgender people, with each chapter written by transgender and gender expansive authors.