For most feedback, the first step is to talk with the person directly.

Please use this form to submit your feedback to us.

  • Your feedback is general and not related to one person;
  • You don’t feel comfortable giving your feedback directly to the person involved;
  • You talked to the person and were not satisfied; or
  • You don’t know who to give your feedback to.

Types of Feedback

These are examples of things you may give feedback about:

  • Feedback on a specific experience, event, program or service at HQ;
  • Suggestions for enhancing programs and services or your experience at HQ;
  • Privacy Concerns;
  • Feedback related to the accessibility of programs and services;
  • Compliments about programs, services, volunteers, staff or your experience at HQ;
  • Anything else about HQ.

How To Give Feedback

We treat your feedback confidentially, to the fullest extent possible under the law.

  • Evaluation – Respond to surveys and other opportunities requesting feedback

What We Do With Your Feedback

All feedback is reviewed and where appropriate shared with the people or teams involved for further improvement and if applicable, staff recognition (unless you request otherwise). Depending on the feedback, follow-up discussions, investigation or discussions may be needed. For complaints we will:

  • Contact you if we need more information to understand, or resolve your complaint;
  • Let you know when your complaint is resolved;
  • Use your complaint (without identifying you) for reporting and learning purposes.