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Sexual Behaviours Self-Management Resources

We want to make sure that you have the resources and information you need to support your mental health. Below you will find some resources that may be of help to you.


Supports at HQ

If you are interested in joining a group at HQ to discuss your sexual relationships, please ask to speak with a clinician. If you are not at the clinic, when you are there next, please answer “yes” to our screening question about receiving mental health support.

Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure, and Relationships

By Juno Roche

ISBN: 1785924060


In this frank, funny and poignant book, transgender activist Juno Roche discusses sex, desire and dating with leading figures from the trans and non-binary community. Calling out prejudices and inspiring readers to explore their own concepts of intimacy and sexuality, the first-hand accounts celebrate the wonder and potential of trans bodies and push at the boundaries of how society views gender, sexuality and relationships. Empowering and necessary, this collection shows all trans people deserve to feel brave, beautiful and sexy.

Cruise Control: Understanding Sex Addiction in Gay Men

By Robert Weiss

ISBN: 0985063300


Cruise Control leads men to a better understanding of the difference between sexual compulsion and non-addictive sexual behavior within the gay experience, and it explains what resources are available for recovery. A timely and important contribution to the body of recovery literature, Cruise Control provides understanding, empathy and encouragement to gay men seeking healthy sexual expression. Robert Weiss, director of the Sexual Recovery Institute in Santa Monica, California, avoids political and moral arguments and instead focuses on the clinical approach, asking the question, “Is your sexual behavior causing problems in other areas of your life?”

Sexual Integrity: Finding the Courage to be Yourself

By Steven Davidson

ISBN: 1737339706


We are innately sexual creatures. What should come natural gets mutilated and destroyed by shame, fear, and ignorance. We crave emotional intimacy yet dare to risk letting others know who we really are. Hiding behind a mask leaves us feeling disconnected, lonely, and sexually unfulfilled. It doesn't have to be like this. When you find the courage to be yourself everything will start to change. Relationships become more intimate. Sex becomes more exciting. Never again will you allow the judgment of others to obstruct your path to happiness. If they don't love you as you are, then they don't really love you. They only loved the illusion you created. Sexual Integrity: Finding the Courage to be Yourself defines the path to true emotional intimacy and sexual fulfillment.

The Velvet Rage

By Alan Downs

ISBN: 0738210617


The gay male world today is characterized by seductive beauty, artful creativity, flamboyant sexuality, and, encouragingly, unprecedented acceptability in society. Yet despite the progress of the recent past, gay men still find themselves asking, "Are we really better off?" The inevitable by-product of growing up gay in a straight world continues to be the internalization of shame, a shame gay men may strive to obscure with a façade of beauty, creativity, or material success. Drawing on contemporary psychological research, the author's own journey to be free of anger and of shame, as well as the stories of many of his friends and clients, The Velvet Rage outlines the three distinct stages to emotional well-being for gay men. Offering profoundly beneficial strategies to stop the insidious cycle of avoidance and self-defeating behavior, The Velvet Rage is an empowering book that will influence the public discourse on gay culture, and positively change the lives of gay men who read it.