Simon Rayek, MHA (he | him)

Director, HIV Preventions- OHTN

Simon has devoted his professional journey to the noble cause of enhancing the health and welfare of communities affected by HIV, championing evidence-based health interventions, and spearheading transformative systems initiatives. In his current capacity, Simon assumes a pivotal role as he navigates the operational landscape at HQ Toronto, while also steering the helm of HIV prevention endeavors at the esteemed Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN)


The breadth of Simon's impact extends far beyond the confines of his current role, as evidenced by his extensive collaboration with numerous community organizations and esteemed researchers, both within Ontario and across the expanse of Canada. His collaborative efforts have not only enriched his own professional experience but have also yielded tangible benefits for the communities he serves, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity within the realm of HIV healthcare.


Simon's academic pursuits have equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of health administration, fortified by the attainment of a Master of Health Administration degree from the prestigious University of British Columbia. This academic foundation, coupled with his practical experience and unwavering dedication, positions Simon as a stalwart advocate for transformative change in the landscape of HIV healthcare delivery