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HQ Toronto offers community and social programs for GBTQMSM2S+ individuals, provided by the clinic and partner agencies representing diverse communities. For many in this community, establishing a sense of belonging is crucial due to challenges with acceptance. Dating apps have made sexual encounters more accessible but can hinder meaningful social connections.

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Director, Philanthropy, Community & Engagement

HQ Programming:

CSSP Espanol @ HQ

Acompañamiento en Español para navegacion de Servicio de salud sexual y Mental

El Centro para la Gente de Habla Hispana se complace en ofrecer servicios de navegación y promocion de salud en español para la comunidad latinx que acceden a los servicios de HQ Toronto.

HQ Legal Clinic

Immigration & Refugee Legal Clinic

HQ provides a free drop-in legal clinic that focuses on immigration & Refugee law for newcomers and refugees to Canada and to individuals living with HIV.

HQ Legal Clinic- spanish

Inmigración y Clínica Legal para Refugiados

HQ ofrecerá una clínica legal gratuita que se enfocará en leyes de inmigración para recién llegados y refugiados a Canadá y para personas que viven con VIH.

Espanol @ HQ

Servicios de salud sexual en Español

También brindamos nuestros Servicios de Salud Sexual en español.

Smart Recovery @ HQ

Smart Recovery

Join us every Monday at HQ from 6:30 PM for a fresh approach to addiction recovery.

Newcomers & Refugees 13

Sexual Health & Wellness Session for LGBTQ+ Newcomers & Refugees

Join MCC Toronto and HQ for engaging conversation and STBBI/ HIV testing catered to LGBTQIA+ Newcomers & Refugees

ACAS testing @ HQ

STBBI & HIV Testing night

Join ACAS every 2nd Tuesday at 5:00PM for STBBI and HIV testing at HQ catered to Asian GBMSM, Trans and Non Binary

ASAAP Testing @ HQ

STBBI & HIV Testing night

Join ASAAP every 2nd Wednesday AT 6:00 PM for STBBI and HIV testing at HQ catered to Asian GBMSM, Trans and Non Binary

The walls at HQ are decorated with art pieces created by local Toronto queer artist chosen by our HQ Art Advisory council.


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