Mental Health Assessment Services

Accessing mental health services at HQ starts with screening. After indicating interest in mental health services, you will be asked 4 screening questions. These questions will help us identify the most appropriate next step in assessment for you.

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Clinical Assessment

HQ offers rapid psychiatric and psychological assessment for people referred by their family doctor or from within HQ’s mental health services. The CAP supports people through assessments, treatment, and referrals to additional supports.

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Care Coordination

HQ’s mental health team, with the support of peer navigators, connects people to supports that fall outside of HQ’s scope. This may include referrals to housing, social programs, or other mental health supports. People are connected to service navigation services through HQ’s mental health and sexual health programs.

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Crisis Counselling

All HQ clinical services include screening for crisis support. For people who are in crisis, a dedicated crisis worker will provide immediate (within 24 hours) single session support, offering comfort, and connecting people to ongoing care.

If you are currently experiencing crisis please reach out these crisis supports .

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