Getting Started

The HQ Mental Health Screening User Guide is meant to provide an overview of the screening process and care pathways at HQ. Our hope is that this guide provides folks in Toronto with an idea of what to expect at HQ and acts as a resource for service providers outside of Toronto (feel free to share this with your local service provider!).

No information will be collected here and we are not able to provide mental health screening or assessment through this guide.

Step 1: Screening

Accessing mental health services at HQ starts with screening. After indicating interest in mental health services, you will be asked 4 screening questions. These questions are intended to help us understand how we can support you and what assessments are best suited to your needs.

Everyone interested in mental health services will be asked to complete all of the following 4 questions:

Did you answer ‘No’?


If you answered no to all of the screening questions, we still want you to know about available services at HQ – they are here if you need them.

A list of Mental Health Community Resource services can be found here.