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Trans I.D. & Immigration and Refugee Legal Clinic Services

HQ proudly hosts two essential legal clinics every month, ensuring access to crucial legal services for marginalized communities. The Trans I.D. Clinic, provided by Kenet Family Law, offers dedicated support for individuals seeking assistance with gender identity documentation. Additionally, the Immigration & Refugee Clinic, provided by Batista Immigration Law Group, stands as a pillar of guidance for those navigating complex immigration and refugee processes.


We extend a warm invitation for you to register below, specifying the type of legal service you require. Whether you seek aid in updating your identification documents to reflect your gender identity or guidance through immigration and refugee matters, our expert teams are here to provide compassionate assistance. Please take a moment to complete the registration form, allowing us to tailor our support to your unique needs and embark on a journey toward legal empowerment together.

Trans I.D. Clinic

This invaluable service is facilitated by Kenet Family Law. Individuals with appointments at the clinic will have the opportunity to seek guidance on changing their provincial and federal documents from our dedicated team of volunteer lawyers. While these legal professionals won't offer legal advice during the appointment, they will assist in completing necessary application forms, including notarizing documents where necessary. Due to space constraints, availability is limited. Additionally, HQ Toronto will cover the fee associated with the name change application, further easing the process for our clients.

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Trans I.D. Clinic FAQ

Immigration & Refugee Legal Clinic

Batista Immigration Law Group provides this service. HQ hosts a complimentary drop-in legal clinic specializing in immigration and refugee law, catering to newcomers, refugees to Canada, and individuals living with HIV. Due to space constraints, availability is limited. Additionally, HQ Toronto generously covers the fee for the name change application, ensuring accessibility to essential legal procedures for our clients.


HQ ofrecerá una clínica legal gratuita que se enfocará en leyes de inmigración para recién llegados y refugiados a Canadá y para personas que viven con VIH.

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Immigration & Refugee Legal Clinic FAQ

Inmigración y Clínica para Refugiados FAQ